pink chocolate fountain

The perfect chocolate fountain setup for DIY hires

A Chocolate Fountain is a great addition to any event or get together. They look, taste and smell amazing. In fact they will add that next level elegance to your party….. If done right.

After a client’s failed attempt (first photo) I have decided to provide 3 tips that are really must do’s to get your fountain running perfect and looking like mine (the second photo), it will have all your guests drooling from first sight.

pink chocolate fountain

1. Location

Make sure your fountain is away from wind, rain, bugs, pets (indoors is always best) and the traffic of your party

2. Make sure fountain is level

This is very important but often missed step, chocolate cannot flow against gravity. The level can be adjusted but twisting the feet on the base of the fountain

3. Oil,Oil,Oil

I know it sounds gross but needs to be done! Chocolate is too thick to flow freely without the use of oil. Keep adding it till your fountain is running freely. A great tip is the use of coconut oil, you don’t have to use as much, it’s not as unhealthy and adds a great taste to your chocolate!

Book a fountain today and add the WOW factor to your next event or get together


4 tier chocolate fountain

5 tier chocolate fountain

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