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Spice up your (adult) party with a Cocktail, Daiquiri and slushie

Cocktail, daiquiri and a slushie are a great alternative to your normal beer and wine at your party. Hiring a cocktail, daiquiri and slushie machine ensures everyone will enjoy their drink while having fun….cause who doesn’t love a daiquiri.!!!

Although alcohol is not provided with our cocktail, daiquiri and slushie machines below are some recipes that you could try when you hire our machine:

Strawberry delight

Strawberry slush mixed with Vodka or Bacardi Rum (White Rum)

Fruit Tingle

Fruit Tingle slush mix with Vodka or Bacardi Rum (White Rum)

Pino Splice

Pineapple slushy mixed with Midori and Coconut Cream


Cosmopolitan slushy mixed with 30% Cointreau and 70% Vodka


Illusion slushy mixed with Midori or Vodka

Pina Colada

Pina Colada slushy mixed with Malibu or Bacardi Mexico

Sex on the beach

Sex on the Beach slushy mixed with Peach Schnapps and Vodka


Mojito slushy mixed with White Rum

Plus many more, just ask me for the list when you hire your machine

Hire a Daiquiri / Slushie machine

Slushie machine

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