5 Questions to ask before hiring your jumping castle

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Kids just love jumping castles and we don’t have to think too hard as to why. Whether it be the bright colours, the thought of endless jumping and falling without a care in the world or the sounds and screams of joy and laughter coming from inside a crowed jumping castle there is no doubt hiring a jumping castle for your event will be a hit with the children attending.

So what if you have never hired a jumping castle before? It can be quite a scary thought. Below are some questions to think about before hiring to ensure that your hire and event runs smoothly without any stress

1. Are you experienced and knowledgeable about inflatables?

There are many things that can go wrong when setting up inflatables when it is not done right. From setting up safely to knowing if certain castles will fit and be safe in certain areas. This is where the knowledge and experience comes in. Having someone that has been in the industry for awhile and knows what they are doing is probably the most important factor. It helps with the reliability and level of service you are going to receive.

At Stress Less Party Hire all our staff, from drivers to customer service consultants are trained and have at least 6 months and have experience setting up inflatables on their own.

2. Are you insured?

This is a very important question, not just for you and your property but also that of your guests and our equipment. Even though we do everything in our power to make sure nothing goes wrong (fingers crossed it hasn’t happened to us yet in 5 years) there is always a chance something unexpected may happen. Therefore asking if the hiring company has public liability insurance is a must.

3. What are your Terms and Conditions?

Every business you hire from should have terms and conditions that they supply to you before hiring. Doing this makes sure that there are no hidden charges for you and that you as the hirer are fully aware of what is expected from you when equipment is in your possession. Things to look for and should be listed when reading terms and conditions.

Cancellation Policy, Deposits and refund policy, bond and what will prevent you from getting it back, rules of hire. If any of these are not present you should be asking your hiring company these questions.

4. Is the price right?

You are not alone if you have a budget in mind for your event, and want the cheapest price possible for your castle. However cheapest is not always best, especially when hiring inflatables. There is a saying “you get what you pay for” and that is very true in this case. A lot of people get into this industry looking for fast and easy cash, and therefore you can find very cheap inflatables. However you want to find a business that has quality equipment that is well looked after and knows how to provide you a service that is reliable and safe. Asking the questions listed here and looking at previous jobs completed by the buisness and their customer reviews should give you a sense of the type of business your dealing with

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5. Is my event important to you?

Every event is important and a reason for celebration. It is of vital importance to you and your guests and it should also be to the people you hire. You want the contractors you hire to have the same sense of focus and dedication to the event that you do. You want them to listen to your requirements, pay attention to details, and deliver the goods on the big day.

There are probably many more questions we could recommend asking however this is a good start and the most fundamental ones to ensure a successful and stress free event with no surprises.

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