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This 4×4 Jumping castle is one of our most popular rental products.

Available for all day hire at $160 or overnight hire $200. Includes  set up and dismantle.


Jumping castle jump space –

Setup requirements – 4m X 4m X 4m


The fundamental rules of hire

Although we want  you to have as much fun as possible with little to no stress, there needs to be some rules to ensure that others are able to have the same experience with this item.  So in order to keep this castle in its best condition, and for the safety of not only your guests, but our items please take note of the following rules:

This castle is for CHILDREN UNDER 12 ONLY.   There are to be no shoes, food, drink or sharp objects while jumping. If a ball is to be used for the basketball ring it must be a soft ball (not a basketball/ soccer ball/ football type). Climbing up the sides of the castle, or swinging of parts of the castle ( basketball ring, roof of slide) are strictly forbidden.  In addition to this , a full list can be found uploaded on this site and one will also be provided to you upon completion of setup.

Access and installation

Castle can be set up on most surfaces as long as there are no pertruding objects / materials, please select surface below when booking.

Access and installation at the sight needs to be easy, meaning no stairs, hills, single doors, items obscuring ect.  If this is the case please advise and we can work through with you.  Failure to do so may result in job being cancelled or additional costs for labour being added to your total.


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