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8 once popcorn machine comes with everything you need to make 100 serves of popcorn.  You will not need to add anything.

Included in your hire:

– 50 Serves
– Bags, corn kernels, oil and butter salt
– All utensils
– Basic training
– We clean the machine

Cart is an additional $40

Need to know about hire

The  machine works best under cover , and it is highly recommended that anyone operating the machine is supervised by an adult as it can get quite hot.  When there is no popcorn in the kettle, please make sure you switch the “turn” button off as it will scratch the inside of the kettle, the other two buttons can stay on as they will keep your popcorn warm and fresh.  The kettle will take approximately 3 minutes to warm up when first turned on, but should be ready to use straight away on following batches.  You can make all your popcorn at the start of your event so that you don’t have to worry about it during your event as the warming plate and light will keep your popcorn warm and fresh.

Please empty the machine of any popcorn and seeds before returning, we will clean everything else.


Can hire as part of our perfect party deal or works combo

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